“I love the sound of applause but I don’t want to become addicted to it in order to feel whole. It’s the creative part of music-making that I could never live without.”


25/10/2010, midnight.


(TL;DR: I made a Patreon with many different exclusive content options (first access to predictions posts, lyric analysis, etc). But primarily: It is the best place to go for personal styling requests or if you have a hankering to support TSS in a monetary way [be still my heart]. It be here.)

If you’ve been following along for any length of time, you know that this space has evolved from simple questions about Taylor’s style. 

As TSS became an archive for Taylor’s fashion over the last 13 (!!!) years, the most common question I would get is: 

“Where is x, y, z post?”
“I love this dress Taylor wore in the Speak Now era. Did you ever post it?”

These are some of my favourite questions as it tests my knowledge of the TSS database. I will never tire of fetching those posts for you (and it also poses a constant challenge to me of how can I make the site even easier for you, as TSSers, to navigate). 

But over time, as our relationship inevitably deepened — so too did your questions:

“What do you think of the outfit?” 
“Do you think there’s symbolism in a, b, c?”
“She’s been wearing this brand a lot lately. Why do you think that is?”

It never once occurred to me that people would want to hear from me, the singular human who runs this blog. It was — and continues to be — the greatest compliment. 

But then you guys took it one step further. You made it personal: 

“I fell in love with a skirt and I bought it. But now I don’t know what to do! How should I wear it with the rest of my clothes?”
“I love the latest athleisure trend. How would you suggest a normal person wear it without looking like a Hadid try hard?” 
“I’m attending a winter wedding and have no idea what to wear! Where can I get an affordable wedding guest dress?” 
“I have no idea what colours or silhouettes work for me. What clothing styles do you think I should wear?” 

Not only have we gotten to the point of friendship where we so deeply care about each other’s opinions on our most favourite of subjects (Taylor), you’ve invited me into your lives. Your real lives. And you seemingly trust me with that of sacred importance: your closet. 

I can’t think of a greater honour. 

But I also couldn’t think of something more stressful or (eventually) time consuming with the number of overwhelmingly wonderful requests that came in for personal styling. In addition to balancing all the other demands of this blog (and frankly, my IRL life). 

Many of you suggested this: a Patreon.

I never thought we’d be here. 

With a full-time job and TSS continuing to grow as a full-time passion project, I thought this might be a way of meeting in the middle. 

Where TSSers get the opportunity to ask all the styling questions you want, support TSS in a new monetary way (likes, reblogs, and clicks still mean something, but if you’re a keener this is now an option), and of course for me to offer some more exclusive and long-form goodies that needed a home (Lover Track By Track analysis, anyone?). 

Thank you for supporting TSS in all the ways you have over the years. The messages, the likes, the reblogs, the clicks, the silent admiration or following from afar. In equal measures, they all mean so so so much. 

This Patreon isn’t a requirement, but an additional option of support and a service I hope you can understand why I’d like to be compensated for.

Thank you. 

From the bottom of this fashun bloggers little heart. 

– Sarah

To support the TSS Patreon click here. 

To give feedback (positive or negative) on the TSS Patreon, style, music, fashun trends, or whether pineapples belong on pizza head to @taylorswiftstylequestions. I look forward to hearing your opinions on all of those things — and more. 




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