Favourite Outfits of All Time: Taylor Swift St…

Favourite Outfits of All Time: Taylor Swift Style

With this year being truly the first where Taylor has purposefully avoided the spotlight (despite releasing her latest album), I had to figure out a way to continue my year-end tradition of compiling my favourite outfits of the year. As there were so few outfits to choose from, I decided to follow through on an extremely popular request: My favourite outfits of all time. As I’m sure you can imagine, though I’ve been requested to do this many times, it’s always a daunting task just to try and pick my favourite outfits from over the course of a year. Let alone trying to whittle that down into my Top 10 (or in the case of candids, Top 30) for every category over the course of more than a decade. But while this took some time, I hope it encourages some discussion and of course flashback and love for how Taylor’s fashion has continued to grow and change over the years! 

I hope you guys enjoy them — see some of your favourites, see some that surprise you, and that you all discuss your own favourite outfits that you think should belong here!

Thank you to everyone who has supported Taylor Swift Style not only through the years, but during this year in particular. There hasn’t been a lot for me to post fashion-wise so I appreciate so many of you still checking out TSS and being so supportive!

Fingers crossed that with 2018′s tour, we’ll have many more outings of Taylor as she continues to explore her reputation style.