Taylor Swift Style Top 10 – Candids (1/3)

Taylor Swift Style Top 10Candids (1/3)

My all time favourite candids has been one of my most-requested features since starting TSS. And if I have had trouble narrowing down my favourite candids on a yearly basis, trying to create a list that spanned a decade of fashion was … well. It took me a long time. 

In doing this list, I also realized just how many outfits from the Speak Now era I love. It’s possible that I’ve never realized until now that … maybe the SN era is one of my favourite eras of style? Instead of even attempting to order this list by my love for the outfit, I’ve gone chronological. Also because I think that adds an extra bit of interest to the list as you’re able to actually see Taylor’s style change and grow over time. Which fascinates me endlessly. In the above, you’ll see her move through the preppy looks from the Speak Now era and transition into the vintage-inspired styles of RED (more to come in part two). 

Throughout this list, you’ll probably see a few reoccurring trends that I love: knee socks, leather jackets, neutrals, unique colour combos, small pops of colour (usually green or yellow), and stripes. 

Are any of your favourites on this list?