Taylor Swift Style Top 10 – Photoshoots

Taylor Swift Style Top 10Photoshoots

Pulling together this list was actually quite easy as, looking back, there were so many photoshoots that I’ve subconsciously added to this list in my mind and have loved for so many years it was easy to pull them out. For instance, that Marchesa moment in her Marie Claire 2010 spread, the white Chloe dress from her 2014 Glamour shoot. And, of course, her completely epic and amazing shared shoot with Karlie Kloss for Vogue in 2015. 

One of my favourite things about photoshoots is that it’s essentially like Taylor getting to try on couture costumes, expand her range, and seeing her professionally photographed in ensembles, hair, and beauty that we would ordinarily never get to see her in. I always applaud experimentation in photoshoots, which might be why some of you might be surprised by the addition of her Harper’s Bazaar Germany shoot on here as there were a few unorthodox style choices in there. But ones that I loved seeing Taylor in!