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Favourite Outfits of All Time: Awards

In making this list, I very quickly realized that Taylor had a serious winning streak at the ACMs, since I included three outfits on this list of only 10 from that award show alone. 

I also want to specifically point out her dove grey tulle gown from the 2011 CMAs — an extremely underrated outing that doesn’t get nearly enough love. The wispy, soft grey alone is such a quietly stunning colour that she rarely ever wears as she usually opts for black or white or metallics — all of which are also seen here. 

My love for green and yellow both come into play, as well as a white hot streak — all of which set themselves apart thanks to impeccable styling. The 2012 ACMs for their beyond perfect hair and makeup, the 2012 MTV VMAs for its suit silhouette, and the 2013 People’s Choice for those earrings.