nowyourdaisies:And uh, you guys, June is Pride…


And uh, you guys, June is Pride month, and I think a lot about how it
is very brave to be vulnerable about your feelings in that sense and in
that situation, but it is even more brave to be honest about your
feelings about who you love when youknow that might be met with
adversity from society. And so this month, and every month, I want to
send my love and respect t everybdoy who has been brave enough to be
honest about how you feel, to live their lives as they are, as they feel
they should be, as they identify, and this is a month where we need to
celebrate how far we’ve come, but also we need to acknowledge how far we
have left to go. And I want to send my love and respect out to
everybody who in their journey or in their life hasn’t yet felt
comfortable enough to come out. And may you do that in your own time,
and may we all ultimately live in a world where we can be able to love
people and no one has to be afraid to love people and say how they feel.
Because when it comes to feelings and when it comes to love and
searching for someone to spend your whole life with, its all just
really, really delicate, you know?”

(Taylor’s speech before singing Delicate in Chicago June 2nd 2018)