TAYLOR SWIFT STYLE — iHeartRadio Awards

TAYLOR SWIFT STYLE — iHeartRadio Awards

Typically I wouldn’t be busting out a predictions post for such a small-ish awards show. 

But given Taylor’s confirmed attendance (feels like forever since we’ve known that she’ll show up to a red carpet), the fact that homegirl is definitely Up To Something, and the ever-swirling wonderment of the fandom wondering when our lives are going to get torn asunder by any scrap of confirmed news regarding TS7 … I am happy to make an exception. 

Like most music award shows, particularly one of the iHearts calibre where there is less prestige involved, this event will likely feature tons of short hemlines and loud/bold fashion. The theme of most music award shows is skin and having fun. Aka this is not an event where I anticipate a full-length gown to appear. 

So with that … 

  • Fausto Puglisi Spring 2019
    This is a look that almost didn’t make it, but has squeaked on because of Fausto’s role in the “airplane theory” and because the sunny print feels light, bright, and … beaming. 😉 Plus I’m a sucker for blondes in yellow — and by extension orange. I picture this with stunning waves, super bronzed and glowing skin, and some mega strappy bronzed sandals. 
  • Schiaparelli Spring 2019 Couture
    Listen. I know this is a Lewk. I also know that the chances of Tay wearing it realistically are … none. But if one had to distill her latest Instagram aesthetic of bubblegum pinks and frothy swirling teal baby blues into one dress it would be this dress. While the cowgirl boots styled with the runway outfit are comically allusive to Tay’s self-titled days, I’d imagine her in a colourful pair of sandals (like these new Louboutins from their latest Optical Illusion collection) or fierce booties. Hair in a fun updo, of course, so as not to compete with that overempowering fluffy neckline. 
  • Giamba Fall 2019
    A playful pink sparkler is precisely the kind of lighthearted piece that I’d expect this shiny, lovey version of Taylor to wear. The billowing sleeves and short hemline keep it on this side of both mature and sassy. I’d love to see this with slicked back hair and a plummy glossy berry lip and ear climbers. 
  • Balmain Spring 2019
    It wouldn’t be a music awards show without the edge (or #thirst, depending on the wearer) of a Balmain look. While the futuristic fracturing of the dress is very reminiscent of Gaga’s Fame days, I think this particular shade of aqua plus the obvious magpie in Taylor who loves a sparkly moment could do justice to this look. White patent boots, smoky eye, a dark mani, and a glossy nude pink lip.  

Honourable Mentions:

  • Giambattista Valli Fall 2018 Couture
    My most rep-worthy outfit of all my picks. I decided to leave it off because while Taylor is set to attend this award show to celebrate the accomplishment of her Reputation Stadium Tour, it felt more fun to look forward and consider the ways that her future fashion could come into play. Also, I was a bit on the fence about how a bow as a top would play with Taylor now given that she seems to have fully phased crop tops out of her wardrobe post-1989. Still cute, tho. 
  • Isabel Marant Spring 2019
    A rose gold jumpsuit? Yes. But given that the last time Taylor attended this event she wore a very similar silhouette (a tight-fitting, high shine jumpsuit) I figured it would be best to relegate this as a runner-up. 
  • Céline Spring 2019
    A sparkling gold number that takes the idea of the above Giamba number and collides it with a knight in shining armour who stumbled upon a disco. Gelée glittering eyelids, a light gloss, and pointed pumps would complete this. 

What do you think of my picks? Do you have a fave or any other personal fantasies?