It’s been a spell since Taylor last attended the Teen Choice Awards. Her last appearance was five years ago when she wore a minty green (!!!) crop top and skirt set

Given the inherent youthful nature of the awards show, the anticipated fashion is equally as laidback, fun, and typically colourful. I don’t expect Taylor to take herself too seriously (a couture moment or full length gown would be very remiss and at odds here with the expected dress code) when she attends the show to receive her icon surfboard (yes, her attendance is 100% confirmed). I fully expect a cheerful pastel moment — hence the cohesion in my choices. 

If Taylor chooses none of these, I would be very surprised if her ultimate decision was not: some kind of sherbet/pastel tone, short, and fluffy/flowy in fabric. She has seemed to steer mostly away from stiff fabrics in favour of chiffon and tulle for the most part this year when it comes to her red carpet style. 

With that, on we go! 

  • Sachin & Babi Resort 2020 
    – This is the only look that I had no other pulls/alternates from the collection and was the constant “must include” choice when I was pulling these predictions together. It’s incredibly fun and vibrant and colourful, but is also the most elegant and less “frou frou” or cotton candy of all my choices. To me, it speaks to a woman attending a youth’s event, paying homage to the theme, while also being beautifully dressed. It’s classy colourful. I absolutely need a pair of neon or vibrant heels to pair with this dress. A metallic, white, or black pump will not do. 
  • Stella McCartney Spring 2019
    – So, as I mentioned, the Sachin & Babi dress above was the only one on my list with no direct alternates within its own collection. In this instance, the alternate was Look 5 — a tie dye mini high-neck skater number. I opted out of it because it was too unbearably twee, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Taylor wore something similar to it. With this pastel mint green (!!!!!!!) option, I got beautiful garden nymph vibes. Here, a white or metallic sandal would be acceptable. Plus a ton of powdery pink blush and coppery eyes. 
  • Chanel Resort 2020
    – Mom, I am a rich man. Hot off the heels of her tweed and herringbone and blazers from Vogue, I wanted to include a Lover-aesthetically pleasing suit option in my predictions. With the interview and “The Man” in mind, it makes Taylor’s suit ensemble from the “ME!” music video and her Cher cross-stitch art from the “You Need To Calm Down” video make so much more sense, doesn’t it? For those curious, Look 48 from this collection was my Chanel alternate. As another allusion to the “ME!” music video, I thought the pattern on the dress looked stunningly similar to the technicolour brick road present in that music video which introduced us to the look of Lover
  • Giambattista Valli Fall 2019
    – While the mullet detail of the dress does take it a bit over the top and well into “too mature” territory … I couldn’t resist. My alternate, Look 18, is a little more form-fitting and a little bit shorter. But I couldn’t get over the flow and the movement of this look. So here it stays. Plus I liked the interplay between pink and blue — much like Taylor’s latest affinity for switching between temporary dyes. 

The Runners Up

And, of course, there were still even more looks that couldn’t make it into the final selection. They are: 

What do you think of my choices? Which is your favourite? What designer do you hope Taylor wears on Sunday?