The Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon | October 3, …

The Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon | October 3, 2019

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With the more angles and photos revealed of this ensemble, the more confused I am. In theory, a pinstripe blazer dress is a solid win in my books for Taylor. it’s sultry, feminine, but powerful — precisely the type of image a woman who has just released her very first LP that she fully owns would want to convey. But this deconstructed loose-fitting one with a contrast gold lamé panel, messy updo, and nude toned heels that don’t complement the cooler tone of the pinstripe is confusing.

That said, the shoes themselves definitely align with that “powerful” imagery Taylor was likely going for. Recognizable for their red sole, with a spiky kick. And also a sweet nod to her former vintage style with the t strap design. 

Given my way, this would have been a slicked ponytail with a navy pinstripe blazer dress moment paired with these shoes. 

Your thoughts? 

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