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Billboard | December 14, 2019

Alexander McQueen ‘Textured Leather Belt’ – $765.00 $459.00

Worn with: Gucci blazer, Carolina Herrera gown, Sutra ring, and Chloe Gosselin pumps

Z100 Jingle Ball 2019 | New York City, NY | December 13, 2019

Chanel ‘Vintage Chain Belt’ – $658.00 (similar)

It’s funny as I had just recently talked about Chanel being a painfully underused brand for Taylor — only for her to shortly thereafter hit the red carpet with some intertwined C’s on this chain belt. 

I’ve been informed this was picked up at a vintage luxury goods store in NYC. 

Get the look: Vince Camuto, $14.97

British Vogue | January 2020

Maria La Rosa ‘Cashmere and Silk Socks’ – $33.00

Worn with: Marc Jacobs dress

Get the look: Hue, $18.00

“Cruel Summer” mural | Brooklyn, NY | August 23, 2019

Versace ‘First Line Leather Belt’ – $495.00

Worn with: Stella McCartney jumpsuit, Madewell bracelet, and Kat Maconie sandals

BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge | September 2, 2019

Thanks @dynastycloset!

Versace ‘Baroque Buckle Leaf Belt’ – $400.00

Worn with: Saint Laurent blouse and shorts

Interview w/ CBS | August 25, 2019

Taylor Swift ‘Album Title Phone Case’ – $25.00
Modes4U ‘Puffy 3D Sponge Stickers’ – $8.49 (no longer available)

Taylor’s much requested phone case appears to be an unreleased plain clear version of the Lover phone case in her store. The stickers adorning it (cats, naturally) are from a Japanese site and sadly discontinued. 

“Lover” music video | August 22, 2019

Gucci ‘Amour Crystal Barrette’ – $400.00

I haven’t yet found the actual headband version, but Taylor’s hair accessory here is by Gucci. 

Worn with: Fleur du Mal top + skirt and Gucci loafers

Lover | August 20, 2019

San Diego Hat Company ‘Distressed Corduroy Hat’ – $28.00

Vogue | September 2019

Maximum Henry ‘Wide Oval 1.5″ Belt’ – $135.00

Worn with: Hermès shirt and Chanel pants

CATS rehearsal

Anvei-Nao ‘Stripe Cute Cat Cotton Soft Pattern Crew Socks 6 Pairs’ – $12.99

Taylor Swift is absolutely the type of person to wear cat socks. While playing a cat. On the set of a film called CATS