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NME Awards | London, England | February 12, 2020

Gianvito Rossi ‘Neville Lace Up Leather Ankle Boots’ – £900.00 (no longer available)

While my love for a strappy sandal is unparalleled, I do love a sassy pointed toe and a crisp white pair of lace up heeled ankle boots was a quick way to edge up this look. The aforementioned strappy sandal (black = standard, but a neon green pair = unexpected fun!) would have leaned this more into classy but sassy businesswoman whereas this closed toe boot is a bit more punk chick. 

Worn with: Monse top + shorts and Jimmy Choo bag

NME Awards | London, England | February 12, 2020

Jimmy Choo ‘Madeline Leather Shoulder Bag’ – $1,850.00

Of the many things I find fascinating and intriguing about the Lover era, you know of course one of the primary things is the (seemingly) inconsistent execution of Lover’s fashion. 

In the past, Taylor has been epically stringent when it comes to her image and aesthetic and how she has segmented it by era. She has commented herself in recent years (and during the Lover era) how fashion continues to be one of her favourite ways to convey a message. It’s part of what makes running TSS so endlessly fascinating and fun. Not just the trends and the brands, but the messaging inherent in what she’s wearing. 

Taylor has always been the brains behind her career. The navigator behind her ship. But the Lover era has been the point in her career where she has wanted this business mentality to be at the forefront of people’s understanding of who she is as an artist. While she may have held the reins even as a precocious teenager, as a fully actualized woman of 30, her desire to make this ownership more known within the public sphere has been a huge driving narrative of Lover. In marrying those two points (fashion conveying a message and Taylor Swift Is A Fucking Businesswoman), we have the dissonance of Lover fashion. 

Lover fashion has been a mixed bag of silhouettes — unlike the heavily regimented eras of the past that could be easily placed into neat little buckets (self-titled, dresses and cowgirl boots. RED, vintage. 1989, crop tops). We have Pastel!Taylor, Business!Taylor, and a Making Up For A Lack Of Rep Promo!Taylor. And it’s absolutely fascinating to watch this interplay. 

Was this more commentary than you were expecting on a post about a Jimmy Choo bag? Most likely. But to FULL CIRCLE drive that point home — check the crystal snake embellishment winding around the buckle clasp on her bag. 

Fashion = details = image, friends. 

Worn with: Monse top + shorts and Gianvito Rossi boots

Get the look: Topshop bag, $48.00

NME Awards | London, England | February 12, 2020

Monse ‘Pinstripe Blazer Poplin Combo Top’ – $1,890.00

I knew this was Monse before my desktop could even fully load the image. 

I’m still processing my thoughts, but my initial gut is telling me: She’s werking it. Hot Takes to come shortly. 

77th Annual Golden Globe Awards | Los Angeles, CA | January 5, 2020

Lorraine Schwartz jewelry

A longtime go-to. Taylor’s jewels for the evening were courtesy of Lorraine Schwartz. The two-tone earrings are stunning, but I would have dropped both rings from her right hand. 

While we have a closeup here, the hair and makeup are both lovely and simple. I’d guess that the soft tendrils and general softness of her updo are a nod to the fun vibrancy of the gown’s print. I think a more coral lip here would have been a nice touch. 

Worn with: Etro gown

77th Annual Golden Globe Awards | Los Angeles, CA | January 5, 2020

Etro custom gown 

While I was correct that Taylor would be dressed in a princess gown, a floral print such as this was not what I had predicted. 

With this in mind, I find the drama and volume of the skirt to be beautiful in movement and in stillness and is perfect for the Globes. The open back is one that Taylor has also previously favoured at the Globes (in Donna Karan, 2013) and is a sensual touch to the simpler front. And the cutout is a fun, modern tweak. 

However, I would strongly have preferred a solid colour or a different floral print if a print was necessary. Can we take a moment to pause and consider the impact of this gown rendered in a golden yellow or orange? As is this reads a bit tropical vacation to me. 

What do you think of Taylor in Etro? 

In the interest of full fashion landscape, model Karolina Kurkova recently wore a very similar pink Etro design to Cannes. 


Billboard Women In Music event | December 12, 2019

Ana Khouri ‘Diamond Christy Earring’ – $2,530.00
Ana Khouri ‘Lily Earring’ – $3,120.00

The jewelry (can I call it ear styling?) for this event was fantastic. I think the Lover era has seen some truly fantastic jewelry choices, particularly in earrings, that I am truly loving. 

Worn with: Oscar de la Renta jumpsuit and Sergio Rossi sandals

Billboard Women In Music event | December 12, 2019

Sergio Rossi ‘SR1 Metallic Sandals’ – $840.00 $378.00

I am a sucker for an ankle strap sandal. Seal of approval from me. 

Worn with: Oscar de la Renta jumpsuit

Get the look: Sam Edelman, $100.00

Billboard Women In Music event | December 12, 2019

Oscar de la Renta ‘Asymmetrical Chain Strap Stretch Wool Jumpsuit’ – $2,990.00

I don’t mean to toot my own horn but that was conceivably the fastest ID job I’ve ever done. 

Toot toot. 


Some may question how a jumpsuit that could run the risk of Taylor Almost-Six-Feet-Tall Swift look short could be in existence. And as much as a true full-length, red carpet kissing hem of these pants been fun, the shorter true ankle length let those golden ankle strap (YES!!!) sandals shine. 

The styling (again, can we talk about the ankle strappy sandals) are the perfect complements to the jumpsuit and correlate nicely with the “edge” effect of the asymmetrical chain details. The spinning, swirling ear climber + upper helix cuff and braided ponytail add super fresh and unexpected details. 

Everything about this, to me, feels modern and elegant and age appropriate. 

Worn with: Sergio Rossi sandals

American Music Awards | Los Angeles, CA | November 24, 2019

OPI ‘GelColor Base Coat’ – $17.99
OPI ‘Hello Kitty Collection in A Hush Of Blush’ – $10.50
OPI ‘GelColor Top Coat’ – $21.99

According to Taylor’s manicurist for the evening, in addition to ‘A Hush Of Blush’ they applied a thin layer of holographic loose glitter (because Tay loves to sparkle) with two finishing coats of Top Coat.