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NME Awards | London, England | February 12, 2020

Jimmy Choo ‘Madeline Leather Shoulder Bag’ – $1,850.00

Of the many things I find fascinating and intriguing about the Lover era, you know of course one of the primary things is the (seemingly) inconsistent execution of Lover’s fashion. 

In the past, Taylor has been epically stringent when it comes to her image and aesthetic and how she has segmented it by era. She has commented herself in recent years (and during the Lover era) how fashion continues to be one of her favourite ways to convey a message. It’s part of what makes running TSS so endlessly fascinating and fun. Not just the trends and the brands, but the messaging inherent in what she’s wearing. 

Taylor has always been the brains behind her career. The navigator behind her ship. But the Lover era has been the point in her career where she has wanted this business mentality to be at the forefront of people’s understanding of who she is as an artist. While she may have held the reins even as a precocious teenager, as a fully actualized woman of 30, her desire to make this ownership more known within the public sphere has been a huge driving narrative of Lover. In marrying those two points (fashion conveying a message and Taylor Swift Is A Fucking Businesswoman), we have the dissonance of Lover fashion. 

Lover fashion has been a mixed bag of silhouettes — unlike the heavily regimented eras of the past that could be easily placed into neat little buckets (self-titled, dresses and cowgirl boots. RED, vintage. 1989, crop tops). We have Pastel!Taylor, Business!Taylor, and a Making Up For A Lack Of Rep Promo!Taylor. And it’s absolutely fascinating to watch this interplay. 

Was this more commentary than you were expecting on a post about a Jimmy Choo bag? Most likely. But to FULL CIRCLE drive that point home — check the crystal snake embellishment winding around the buckle clasp on her bag. 

Fashion = details = image, friends. 

Worn with: Monse top + shorts and Gianvito Rossi boots

Get the look: Topshop bag, $48.00

Miss Americana | January 31, 2020

Versace ‘2018 St. Sipari Tribute Cuscino Bag’ – $1,980.00

Tassels, chains, multiple prints, and a shearling-trim. This very unique bag Taylor carried in the Miss Americana documentary appears to be by Versace.

Taylor’s good friend Gigi Hadid has carried this same bag. 

Miss Americana | January 31, 2020

Stella McCartney ‘Falabella Backpack in Leopard’ – sold out (linked in black)

Worn with: Nike sneakers

Get the look: Express, $29.99

British Vogue | January 2020

Dior Spring 2020

Worn with: Gucci jacket, Victoria Beckham turtleneck, Citizens of Humanity jeans, and Gianvito Rossi boots

Leaving @Madonna’s Madame X show w/ Antoni Porowski | New York City, NY | October 12, 2019

Etro ‘Adjustable Strap Satchel’ – no longer available

Worn with: Free People dress

Also worn:  Out to dinner w/ Tom Hiddleston, out and about w/ Cara Delevigne, and arriving at her NYC apartment

Out and about w/ Joe Alwyn | Paris, France | May 24, 2019

Vince Camuto ‘Nella Leather Hobo Bag’ – $278.00 (sold out)

Worn with: Free People tee, Ray-Ban sunglasses, and Gucci sneakers

Also worn: Out and about in New York City, April 22

Leaving her apartment | New York City, NY | April 24, 2019

Stella McCartney ‘Falabella Dog Carrier’ – $2,060.00

When even The Ladies get a fashion upgrade this era. Abigail carried (presumably) Meredith and/or Olivia out of T’s apartment yesterday in a schmancy new pet carrier. Taylor herself happens to own this same style in backpack form. Matchy cuteness. 

The Ladies used to be escorted into public either by forearm or by monogrammed individual carriers by Personal Creations

Out and about | New York City, NY | April 22, 2019

Thanks @swiftiemeg13

Vince Camuto ‘Nella Leather Hobo Bag’ – $278.00 (sold out)

By dark contrast to her otherwise pastel outfit, Taylor carried a fringe-accented black leather bag by Vince Camuto. 

Worn with: Taylor Swift top, Urban Outfitters shorts, and Gucci sneakers

Out w/ Joe Alwyn | London, England | February 8, 2019

Thanks @swiftiemeg13

Prada ‘Sidonie Leather Shoulder Bag’ – $3,100.00

Out w/ Joe Alwyn | London, England | February 8, 2019

Thanks @swiftiemeg13

Prada ‘Sidonie Leather Shoulder Bag’ – $3,100.00