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NPR Tiny Desk performance | October 10, 2019

Andamane ‘Bea Velvet Bodysuit’ – $210.00

I love me a rich burgundy moment (it’s a personal power colour for me). So this beautiful shot of colour not only added a contrasting shade to her power suit but also a differing and warm fall/winter texture. The perfect touch. 

Worn with: Cinq A Sept blazer and pants

Get the look: Boohoo, $30.00

Arriving at Saturday Night Live after party | New York City, NY | October 5, 2019

Christian Louboutin ‘Xibabe Metallic Flats’ – $695.00

Worn with: Ambush blazer, Alice + Olivia bodysuit, and Libertine pants

Get the look: Pure Navy, $89.95

Performing “False God” on Saturday Night Live | October 5, 2019

Ambush ‘Wool Oversized Belted Blazer’ – $1,595.00 (sold out)

Taylor opted to not wear this oversized womens blazer with its belt. Instead, to add further to the mussed, sensual vibes of the song it’s casually slung and slightly off one shoulder. 

Worn with: Bond Eye Jewelry earrings, Alice + Olivia bodysuit, and Libertine pants

Get the look: Missguided, $59.00

Performing “False God” on Saturday Night Live | October 5, 2019

Libertine ‘Shanghai Geometric Pants’ – $3,000.00

I like this outfit mix (oversized blazer, fitted bodysuit, flare pants) in theory but perhaps if the pants were completely sequinned or were embellished in a different pattern. 

The messy bun for once is actually a great choice to add to the slinky, sensual vibes of “False God”. 

For those who follow TSSQ, ironically the wine pants I recommended yesterday prior to the performance going live are by this same brand. So TSSQ-ers got a tiny prediction accuracy post. 

Worn with: Bond Eye Jewelry earringsAmbush blazer, and Alice + Olivia bodysuit

Get the look: Revolve, $103.00

Saturday Night Live | October 5, 2019

Area ‘Medium Classic Square Hoop’ – $225.00

Taylor’s version here are, of course, multicoloured. 

Worn with: Kevin Germanier dress

Get the look: Zappos, $19.90

Saturday Night Live | October 5, 2019

Kevin Germanier ‘Recycled Glitter Ruffle Satin Slip Dress’ – $2,811.00

Would absolutely love to see Taylor wear this blazer by the same brand or matching skirt at some point in the future. 

Worn with: Area earrings

Get the look: Revolve, $178.00

Performing “Lover” on Saturday Night Live | October 4, 2019

Fendi ‘Double Mesh Turtleneck’ – $672.00






Worn with: Alison Lou earrings

Get the look: Nordstrom, $50.00

Performing “Lover” on Saturday Night Live | October 5, 2019

Alison Lou ‘Medium Jelly Lucite Earrings’ – $145.00

If Taylor Swift wearing green earrings, a green top, and green shorts while playing a green piano against a green screen isn’t her directly attacking me and Taylor Swift Style I truly do not know what is. 

Worn with: Fendi top

Get the look: Revolve, $26.00

The Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon | October 3, 2019

Each Other ‘Deconstructed Off the Shoulder Tailoring Dress’ – €850.00

I was personally convinced that this look was custom Monse — but here we are! 

Someone asked the other day if I had thoughts regarding Taylor’s style transformation so far during the Lover era and if it’s a regression to the tougher styling that we saw during rep

Sometimes, it’s a good thing to delay thoughts because while I still am very much not a fan of the look as presented, with time comes an opportunity to really slow down and assess not just what a lewk looks like — but what that lewk is trying to say. To that end, I think it’s really great for Taylor to have multiple facets to an era’s style (I think we can all remember in era’s past when the style for that time period was much more formulaic and uniform. see: 1989 co-ord sets). It symbolizes natural human complexity. An entire body of work like an album isn’t always just about one thing, but about the many facets of many things. We saw this style dichotomy with rep as well because that album had a surface-level message (toughness, bombastic, in-your-face edginess as presented by lots of black and leather and snakeskin) but an iceberg-level deep message too (the ice melting feeling of tentatively finding a real true love, finding happiness and peace in that feeling as presented by sparkles and rainbows). That’s still very much a part of Lover’s story. 

This album represents a huge shift for Taylor: full ownership of her material, a fierce protectiveness over what she values and holds dear following a fight to the death to keep it around, an older and wearier and more wary pop star still spooked by the media. We’re seeing that here as she flirts between pastels, ruffles, and butterflies and these stronger, masculine-inspired suited looks. 

“Get to the point!” you say. And the point is, with all that context of two waging sides of a complex body of work, perhaps it makes sense that we’re presented with a lewk that is half classic business attire (pinstripes are an iconic pattern to mean Bidniss) and half … well … dripping in golden daylight. 

Potential symbolism? 8/10
Actual lewk execution? 4/10

Get the look: Shein, $28.00

The Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon | October 3, 2019

Christian Louboutin ‘Goldostrap Pumps’ – $1,100.00 (sold out) 

With the more angles and photos revealed of this ensemble, the more confused I am. In theory, a pinstripe blazer dress is a solid win in my books for Taylor. it’s sultry, feminine, but powerful — precisely the type of image a woman who has just released her very first LP that she fully owns would want to convey. But this deconstructed loose-fitting one with a contrast gold lamé panel, messy updo, and nude toned heels that don’t complement the cooler tone of the pinstripe is confusing.

That said, the shoes themselves definitely align with that “powerful” imagery Taylor was likely going for. Recognizable for their red sole, with a spiky kick. And also a sweet nod to her former vintage style with the t strap design. 

Given my way, this would have been a slicked ponytail with a navy pinstripe blazer dress moment paired with these shoes. 

Your thoughts? 

Get the look: Sam Edelman, $70.95