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There are times when I’m caught up in everything and I have to say to myself, “Please feel good; please feel better; everything’s okay; you’re fine; things aren’t falling apart; take a second; get back to a place where you realize that you don’t actually have real problems.” That happens. You never know when those tables are gonna turn… For me, confidence is something that can come crashing down in one second.


Taylor Swift for TIME / 2019-2017-2014
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My reputation’s never been worse, so
You must like me for me ✨ 

Variety magazine | January 21, 2020

Stephen Webster ‘Dynamite Hoop Earrings’ – $12,000.00
Beladora ‘Giovane Ruby and Diamond Ring in 18K Gold’ – $1,800.00
Beladora ‘Loree Rodkin Ruby and Sapphire Ring in 18K’ – $2,950.00
Beladora ‘Diamond Wrap Snake Ring in 18K Gold’ – $2,950.00

Worn with: Bogner ski suit and DKNY boots

Variety magazine | January 21, 2020

DKNY ‘Lenni Crinkle Patent Leather Lace Up Boots’ – $119.25 (black)

Worn with: Bogner ski suit

Get the look: ASOS, $32.00

Variety magazine | January 21, 2020

Tom Ford ‘Cutout Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater’ – $1,650.00

It’s always fun when a retail photo exposes details not previously seen in the photoshoot setting — like these cutout details on Taylor’s cream cashmere Tom Ford sweater. 

Worn with: Moncler vest, Moritz Glik earrings + ring, and Ashley Zhang ring

Get the look: Nordstrom, $98.00

Taylor Swift for GQ Magazine (2015)

“A meaningful conversation doesn’t mean that conversation has to last an hour. A meet-and-greet might sound weird to someone who’s never done one, but after ten years, you learn to appreciate happiness when it happens, and that happiness is rare and fleeting, and that you’re not entitled to it.” – Taylor Swift for GQ Magazine (2015)

Taylor Swift for Variety (2020)