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The Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon | October 3, 2019

Wildfox Couture ‘Teddy Girl Chunky Oversized Sweater’ – $243.00 (sold out)

The purity in this video is unreal. 

It’s also interesting to see how Taylor’s love for Wildfox Couture’s kitschy cute sweaters have been a mainstay in her personal closet. It’s a continued brand that has been present in her wardrobe since 2010. 

I’m often asked when it comes to Taylor’s style on which occasions when we see her is it Taylor responsible for her styling or her professional stylist Joseph. My answer has always been there’s likely a mix going on (and to my eye, there’s typically a distinct noticeable difference between outfits she’s responsible for and those Joseph has had a hand in) but what’s interesting for me here is that Wildfox is very likely a brand that Taylor herself shops for – given its consistency in her personal closets. 

But also “I’m not asleep. My mind is alive” was me during Lover album release week.  

One week of Lover | August 31, 2019

Isabel Marant ‘Etoile Yvana Striped Shirt’ – $261.24 $161.68

Celebrating her fourth #1 U.K. album

Saint Laurent ‘Metallic Star Sheer Button Down Shirt’ – $2,590.00

Get the look: superdown, $52.00

Preparing for the MTV VMAs (x) | August 26, 2019

Shawn Mendes ‘Tour Sketch Tie Dye Hoodie’ – $85.00

Giving Todrick the nails, hair, hips, heels treatment to prepare for their opening performance together, Taylor rewore her Shawn Mendes hoodie from when she arrived at the TCAs. 

Also worn: Arriving at the Teen Choice Awards

Kuguo China exclusive | August 23, 2019

Reformation ‘Dolci Dress in Vienna’ – $248.00

Wearing Reformation and looking casually stunning in an exclusive selfie for Chinese Swifties on the music platform Kuguo. 

Collaborating with Stella McCartney | August 20, 2019

One Teaspoon ‘Bonita Shorts’ – $108.00

A preview of Taylor’s upcoming collaboration with Stella McCartney is finally live. The lookbook is extensive and I have a lot of burgeoning thoughts on the entire collection (to come later) but in the meantime Taylor posted behind-the-scenes look of her developing the collection with Stella herself on her Instagram. 

Her outfit is appropriately pastel (and also familiar). She previously wore these shorts while wearing a similar rainbow/tie dye tee earlier this year. 

Also worn: Leaving her apartment in New York City

Kugou video | August 9, 2019

Zadig & Voltaire ‘Gaby Star Patch Pullover’ – $458.00 $229.00

Also worn: Jack Antonoff’s Instagram

Get the look: Monrow, $84.00

Kugou China video | August 9, 2019

Wildfox Couture ‘Ask Me About My Cat Junior Sweater’ – $98.00 (sold out)

Obviously given Benjamin’s size in the video, Taylor did not film this today but rather exclusively revealed a personal clip to her Chinese fans via Chinese music app Kugou where Lover is now available to pre-save. 

Good Morning America pre-announcement | July 30, 2019

Free People ‘Lover Boy Maxi Dress’ – $148.00 

Talyor looked completely radiant sharing that she would make an announcement on GMA the following day wearing a Free People floral block patterned dress. I’m very into her lips and of course glowing makeup here. 

Also worn: Celebrating Todrick Hall’s birthday

Get the look: Nordstrom Rack, $39.97

Livestream | July 23, 2019

Melinda Maria ‘Cadence Earrings in Gold White Opal’ – $52.00

Taylor’s heart studs she wore during her livestream are only $52! 

Worn with: Taylor Swift teeTaylor Swift necklace, Isabel Marant shirt, Alison Lou ring and Jennifer Meyer ring