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Taylor has attended the Golden Globes on two previous occasions, both times wearing a full-length ball gown. I fully anticipate a very formal, very princess look on the Globe red carpet. With that in mind, I fell back on what I would consider more “safe” designers and dramatic but classically beautiful silhouettes. I don’t anticipate the Globes being an opportunity where Taylor will experiment or try something new or edgy or different. I expect this to be a night with a full-length tulle gown.

That said, of course, I couldn’t help but let my imagination get away from me a bit.

Here we go.

  • J. Mendel Spring 2020
    Classic, soft, and a slight homage to the world of dance (and by extension, musicals and theatre) with this ballet slipper pink gown. An old Taylor standby designer, this is everything lovely and feminine and delicate. I’d love to see some huge purple gemstone knocker earrings and a high gloss berry lip with this.
  • Alexander McQueen Resort 2020
    You’ll see where I quickly diverged away from traditional princess here. Set against a sheer black base, this look is little bit edgier, a little bit harder. The structure at the shoulders provides strength and the allover floral print is very Taylor indeed. I hope we get a strong smoky eye here and a wash of red stain at the lips.
  • Oscar de la Renta Spring 2020
    Back on the princess track. Given her hot OdlR streak, I wanted to provide an easy potential lob that would make for a very slideshow look indeed. The shade of blue would offset Taylor’s eyes beautifully. She has also opted for colour on both previous occasions she attended this event so I’m hoping for another colourful outing — hence why three of these looks are a colour.
  • Sally LaPointe Pre-Fall 2020
    One of the most memorable recent fashion moments for me at the Globes was Emma Stone’s Lanvin jumpsuit back in 2015. Given that it’s still making an impression five years later tells me that sometimes going for a jumpsuit at an event where gowns are the norm is how you stand out. This look is a little bit disco and a lot of glam. Which is perfect because Taylor Magpie Swift has not yet met a sequin she doesn’t love. The neckline is also a fun continuation/callback to the asymmetric jumpsuit she wore at the Women In Music event. This jumpsuit is begging for a pair of strappy sandals, ear climbers, and pale pink makeup.

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Favourite Outfits of 2019: Taylor Swift Style

Photoshoot – Billboard

I accurately summed it up when the cover of this shoot was released. If there was a way to sum up the Lover era in fashion … a “bright pink ruffled cotton candy gown, belted by a thick heavy black belt and finished off with an oversized blazer” was sure to do it. 

Favourite Outfits of 2019: Taylor Swift Style

Photoshoot – Vogue UK

Everything in this spread was … scrumptious. I loved every last detail. Including the frosted 90s supermodel lips and retro flicked hair. 

Also green boots.

Favourite Outfits of 2019: Taylor Swift Style

Photoshoot – Lover

Dreamy pastels, unique set ups, and fun clothes. The ethereal looks from Taylor’s album photoshoot for Lover is up there amongst my favourite album photoshoots Taylor has ever done. (For the complete order of that, head here). 

Favourite Outfits of 2019: Taylor Swift Style

Candid – May 25

Candids were, let’s say, limited this year. But at least we had the sunshine of this Blondes In Yellow™ look to contribute. Technically this barely counts as a candid (I’m cheating) because she’s captured on her way to a press interview. But with so little to hold onto, I’ll make it count. 

The sweet French twist updo, floral print, and coordinating ankle strap yellow heels were all lovely touches to this feminine outfit. 

Favourite Outfits of 2019: Taylor Swift Style

Candid – February 10

The coat makes it a candid. 

With so few outings to choose from, I’m forced for a second time in FOOTY history to select a cheat moment — a coat thrown on top of a red carpet look. The first being this Louis Vuitton moment from 2016. 

A sweetly monochrome Cinderella-worthy look. That blue wool coat is stunning. 

Favourite Outfits of 2019: Taylor Swift Style

Performance – TMall Double 11 Gala

I continue to expose myself as a sucker for OTK boots. 

At least I’m consistent. 

I loved the embellished print, the tie belt, and the shirt dress-esque silhouette. As mentioned, I feel like I prefer this looser look on Taylor compared to some of her too tight (imo) looks from this era. Like the Wonder Woman Versace corsetry and Femme Beetlejuice romper lewks. 

Favourite Outfits of 2019: Taylor Swift Style

Performance – Tiny Desk

Everything about this look paid perfect homage to the Lover era. The heart embellishments on the blazer, the matching pantsuit, the rich pink/purple hues. I swoon. 

Favourite Outfits of 2019: Taylor Swift Style

Event – Billboard Women In Music

I believe I myself said it best when I said: “Everything about this, to me, feels modern and elegant and age appropriate.”

The braided ponytail, while contentious, felt fresh and fun to me. As did the asymmetric chain detail at the neck and loose fit on the pants (I have been burned too many a time already by overly tight jumpsuits and rompers from Taylor thank you very much). I will always be in love with a strappy sandal, especially when it’s perfectly coordinated to the metallic hits in the rest of the outfit. Including a continuation of Taylor’s style team this era selecting some of the best jewelry I’ve noted in Taylor’s career. The Dream Team have really been having fun with swirling ear cuffs and unique stacking ring choices that I, for the first time, am avidly really following her jewelry game and enjoying it so much.