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It’s been a spell since Taylor last attended the Teen Choice Awards. Her last appearance was five years ago when she wore a minty green (!!!) crop top and skirt set

Given the inherent youthful nature of the awards show, the anticipated fashion is equally as laidback, fun, and typically colourful. I don’t expect Taylor to take herself too seriously (a couture moment or full length gown would be very remiss and at odds here with the expected dress code) when she attends the show to receive her icon surfboard (yes, her attendance is 100% confirmed). I fully expect a cheerful pastel moment — hence the cohesion in my choices. 

If Taylor chooses none of these, I would be very surprised if her ultimate decision was not: some kind of sherbet/pastel tone, short, and fluffy/flowy in fabric. She has seemed to steer mostly away from stiff fabrics in favour of chiffon and tulle for the most part this year when it comes to her red carpet style. 

With that, on we go! 

  • Sachin & Babi Resort 2020 
    – This is the only look that I had no other pulls/alternates from the collection and was the constant “must include” choice when I was pulling these predictions together. It’s incredibly fun and vibrant and colourful, but is also the most elegant and less “frou frou” or cotton candy of all my choices. To me, it speaks to a woman attending a youth’s event, paying homage to the theme, while also being beautifully dressed. It’s classy colourful. I absolutely need a pair of neon or vibrant heels to pair with this dress. A metallic, white, or black pump will not do. 
  • Stella McCartney Spring 2019
    – So, as I mentioned, the Sachin & Babi dress above was the only one on my list with no direct alternates within its own collection. In this instance, the alternate was Look 5 — a tie dye mini high-neck skater number. I opted out of it because it was too unbearably twee, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Taylor wore something similar to it. With this pastel mint green (!!!!!!!) option, I got beautiful garden nymph vibes. Here, a white or metallic sandal would be acceptable. Plus a ton of powdery pink blush and coppery eyes. 
  • Chanel Resort 2020
    – Mom, I am a rich man. Hot off the heels of her tweed and herringbone and blazers from Vogue, I wanted to include a Lover-aesthetically pleasing suit option in my predictions. With the interview and “The Man” in mind, it makes Taylor’s suit ensemble from the “ME!” music video and her Cher cross-stitch art from the “You Need To Calm Down” video make so much more sense, doesn’t it? For those curious, Look 48 from this collection was my Chanel alternate. As another allusion to the “ME!” music video, I thought the pattern on the dress looked stunningly similar to the technicolour brick road present in that music video which introduced us to the look of Lover
  • Giambattista Valli Fall 2019
    – While the mullet detail of the dress does take it a bit over the top and well into “too mature” territory … I couldn’t resist. My alternate, Look 18, is a little more form-fitting and a little bit shorter. But I couldn’t get over the flow and the movement of this look. So here it stays. Plus I liked the interplay between pink and blue — much like Taylor’s latest affinity for switching between temporary dyes. 

The Runners Up

And, of course, there were still even more looks that couldn’t make it into the final selection. They are: 

What do you think of my choices? Which is your favourite? What designer do you hope Taylor wears on Sunday? 

Taylor Swift Style — Now & Then

Easter Eggs can be left on clothing or jewelry. This is one of my favourite ways to do this because you wear something that foreshadows something else. And people don’t really usually find out this one immediately. But they know you’re probably sending a message — they’ll figure it out in time. Lots of examples of this exist over the history of my career.


Now that we actually have at least a somewhat established aesthetic and fashion theme for the era, crafting a predictions post has become much easier to nail down. 

And so, you’ll see a lot of pastels (obviously), iridescents, and boho airy fairy vibes amongst my choices. 

  • Ronald van der Kemp Spring 2019 Couture
    This lovely piece was actually recommended to me by a friend over a month ago, but I bookmarked it for an occasion such as this. And I’m so glad I finally get to break it out now. The sheen of the skirt, the kaleidoscope of colours, and the metallic gold belt all come together into a gown that feels simultaneously fun and colourful but also sleekly cut and elegant. The perfect blend. 
  • Carolina Herrera Fall 2019
    It’s possible that this gown, with its random swath of colour, could be deemed too similar in construction to her similar sherbet coloured J. Mendel gown but … it’s too beautiful to not choose. I feel that Taylor would likely shorten this to a tea length to make it more ladylike and Taylor-loves-vintage vibes. Add on some beautiful butterfly earrings and a coral manicure + glossy coral lip. 
  • Halpern Spring 2019
    Futuristic fairy is what I’m going for with this lurex-looking shiny fabric mini by Halpern. I adore the more elegant neckline construction and cape and how it’s combated with a micro hemline — perfect and typical for a music awards show. The baby blue colour is also always a consistent winner on Taylor.
  • Christian Dior Spring 2019 Couture
    There were so many looks from the Dior runway that I could have chosen, in fact I very strongly considered Looks 34, 18, and 67. Ultimately, 34 felt too close to the Versace number she wore last year. This one won out because of its soft blush base, Maypole-esque ribbon detail, and the almost rattan/wicker-looking bodice which lended the boho vibes that I think (hope) Taylor will introduce more as the era continues to play out. 

Runners Up

  • Rosie Assoulin Fall 2019
    I don’t know what it is but this dramatic gown with its unique bodice strap detailing and unexpected colour combination was so striking to me that it immediately stirred my heart. While I doubt Taylor would wear something like this to an occasion that is not quite as grand as the BBMAs it is still … so beautiful. 
  • Halpern Fall 2019
    Yes, a different look from the Halpern collection. This one a little more disco leaning. 
  • Gabriela Hearast Spring 2019
    I was inspired by Taylor’s Blake Lively A Simple Favor suit scene from “ME!” that this Gabriela Hearst blush suit immediately struck me. I love the way the jacket uniquely wraps and the tailored fit. 

So what do you think of my predictions? What do you think Taylor will wear to the BBMAs? 

Taylor always has a very strong point of view; she’s really extraordinary in how she transforms herself constantly,” J. Mendel’s creative director Gilles Mendel told Page Six Style of working with the pop star.

“She always comes to me with an idea; in this case, the theme was pastel colors and soft tones. Luckily, my recent spring collection was very much about those tones, these beautiful pale citrus colors. So we started with my spring palette, and from there, we built up the dress. Taylor wanted a really ethereal, hand-pleated moment, which is something we’ve always done so well.

The primary challenge of creating Swift’s outfit? Since she was set to perform an acoustic set at the gala, she needed a way to ensure her arms would be free to strum her guitar and play the piano without being encumbered by extra fabric. And as it turns out, it was Swift herself who came up with the solution.

“That bolero didn’t come from me — it was her,” Mendel revealed. “She had the vision of having some sort of cover that would give it a different volume than just a basic dress. So we developed, with our Gilles Mendel touch, this little hand-pleated silk sleeved bolero cover that I thought came out really stunning.

TAYLOR SWIFT STYLE — iHeartRadio Awards

Typically I wouldn’t be busting out a predictions post for such a small-ish awards show. 

But given Taylor’s confirmed attendance (feels like forever since we’ve known that she’ll show up to a red carpet), the fact that homegirl is definitely Up To Something, and the ever-swirling wonderment of the fandom wondering when our lives are going to get torn asunder by any scrap of confirmed news regarding TS7 … I am happy to make an exception. 

Like most music award shows, particularly one of the iHearts calibre where there is less prestige involved, this event will likely feature tons of short hemlines and loud/bold fashion. The theme of most music award shows is skin and having fun. Aka this is not an event where I anticipate a full-length gown to appear. 

So with that … 

  • Fausto Puglisi Spring 2019
    This is a look that almost didn’t make it, but has squeaked on because of Fausto’s role in the “airplane theory” and because the sunny print feels light, bright, and … beaming. 😉 Plus I’m a sucker for blondes in yellow — and by extension orange. I picture this with stunning waves, super bronzed and glowing skin, and some mega strappy bronzed sandals. 
  • Schiaparelli Spring 2019 Couture
    Listen. I know this is a Lewk. I also know that the chances of Tay wearing it realistically are … none. But if one had to distill her latest Instagram aesthetic of bubblegum pinks and frothy swirling teal baby blues into one dress it would be this dress. While the cowgirl boots styled with the runway outfit are comically allusive to Tay’s self-titled days, I’d imagine her in a colourful pair of sandals (like these new Louboutins from their latest Optical Illusion collection) or fierce booties. Hair in a fun updo, of course, so as not to compete with that overempowering fluffy neckline. 
  • Giamba Fall 2019
    A playful pink sparkler is precisely the kind of lighthearted piece that I’d expect this shiny, lovey version of Taylor to wear. The billowing sleeves and short hemline keep it on this side of both mature and sassy. I’d love to see this with slicked back hair and a plummy glossy berry lip and ear climbers. 
  • Balmain Spring 2019
    It wouldn’t be a music awards show without the edge (or #thirst, depending on the wearer) of a Balmain look. While the futuristic fracturing of the dress is very reminiscent of Gaga’s Fame days, I think this particular shade of aqua plus the obvious magpie in Taylor who loves a sparkly moment could do justice to this look. White patent boots, smoky eye, a dark mani, and a glossy nude pink lip.  

Honourable Mentions:

  • Giambattista Valli Fall 2018 Couture
    My most rep-worthy outfit of all my picks. I decided to leave it off because while Taylor is set to attend this award show to celebrate the accomplishment of her Reputation Stadium Tour, it felt more fun to look forward and consider the ways that her future fashion could come into play. Also, I was a bit on the fence about how a bow as a top would play with Taylor now given that she seems to have fully phased crop tops out of her wardrobe post-1989. Still cute, tho. 
  • Isabel Marant Spring 2019
    A rose gold jumpsuit? Yes. But given that the last time Taylor attended this event she wore a very similar silhouette (a tight-fitting, high shine jumpsuit) I figured it would be best to relegate this as a runner-up. 
  • Céline Spring 2019
    A sparkling gold number that takes the idea of the above Giamba number and collides it with a knight in shining armour who stumbled upon a disco. Gelée glittering eyelids, a light gloss, and pointed pumps would complete this. 

What do you think of my picks? Do you have a fave or any other personal fantasies?


Despite her (single) nomination, there’s a wealth of doubt that Taylor will deign to show up to this year’s Grammy ceremony. Instead opting to quietly bide her time until TS7 comes to rack up some serious recognition in the major categories the award show has to offer.

But until the ceremony is over, here’s hoping that Taylor will be there to serve on the red carpet.

During these in-between times I’m unsure how to cast my predictions. Whether as a way to properly send off to the looks and aesthetic that so captured the reputation era (black, military silhouettes, with a dash of rainbow sparkled optimism) or as a hopeful look to what the future will hold (70s! boho!! please!!!). Or, even still, the haute couture lewks that I’ve always hoped Tay would bang out as a more adventurous fashion observer.

So it’s a mix. Enjoy!

  • Zuhair Murad Spring 2019 Couture
    The reason is that I typically do my best to steer away from the predictable and the obvious. See: Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad, Julien Macdonald, Naeem Khan. While I’m doing these predictions posts, it’s always my intent to be sliiightly left of center. Something somewhat feasible, but probably a little out of the realm of possibility. Because fashion is nothing if not fun and interesting, amirite? However, I will choose this moment to turn out what I will call my TSS-er Service card. It’s ZM. It’s a vague callback to her 2015 Grammys number you all overwhelmingly chose as your favourite award look in that year’s fan survey. And, for those of you into theories, the crystal embellishment is reminiscent of a mermaid’s tail. Check, check, check, and check. Also wouldn’t this have been a great tour look?
  • Armani Privé Spring 2019 Couture
    The black and red contrast in addition to the peek-a-boo sides all screamed dark seductress black widow vibes to me — which felt very appropriate given the look and feel of reputation. I’d replace the tassel earrings with some ruby ear climbers and a dark glittering red lip akin to this moment she rocked in the “IDWLF” music video. 
  • Ralph & Russo Spring 2019 Couture
    While I had every intention of including Ralph & Russo’s opening couture number for my prediction here (an electric green pant suit with a snake belt — could it be any more perfect?) after a lot of deliberation (and an unwillingness to have two pieces from one collection) I decided to go with a much less avant-garde piece. This one very much inspired by the line “deep blue but you painted me golden.” Don’t you just love the way this simple column gown is wrapped in those swaths of gold? Like a shimmering, protective river of armour? So pretty.
  • Oscar de la Renta Spring 2019 Couture
    Remember how I said I’d be approaching this predictions post as a mix of both the current vibes and where I hope she’ll go in the future? While I included the Zuhair Murad piece for you TSS-ers, this one is alllllll for me (#selfish) and those TS70s vibes I’m craving so hard. The colour lines up right with my palette of choice for the next era, as is the more free-flowing, loose and subtly sexy silhouette. A copper eye, sleek low pony, and oversized jade earrings please to complete the look. 

Honourable Mentions:

  • Sally LaPointe Pre-Fall 2019
    I don’t know what it is about this sparkly-all-over tank and pants set that I love so much — I just do. The fire engine colour, the lines, the laidback yet simultaneously eye-catching nature of it. Someone with Taylor’s height with black Nudist sandals and a fiery copper eye. Oy. Please! The Grammys are all about being a little over-the-top and avant-garde — it’s a music awards show, after all.
  • Editor’s Note: I had surprisingly way more pieces that ultimately didn’t make it on this Grammy’s list and had a terrible time narrowing them down. But given the very last minute request for BAFTAs looks, I’ll be saving them for that post 😉 

What do you think of my picks? Any favourites or do you have another designer in mind you dream of Taylor wearing? 

Friendly Editor’s Reminder: Regardless of Taylor’s attendance to the Grammys or BAFTAs — predictions posts are meant to spark a fun dream discussion and conversation about Tay and faSHUN. Playing along, even in the face of sadness at her likely absence from any awards show, is always appreciated. 

– Sarah


Fun story. 

1. This last minute post became highly requested in part due to fan request for Taylor to support Joe at the BAFTAs once it became clear she likely would not be attending the Grammys. 

2. Mid-panic, I realized as I put this post together that this was actually the quickest predictions post I’ve ever done. Why? Because I had so many picks from my Grammys research that didn’t make the cut. But don’t think of these as sloppy “leftovers”. The reason they didn’t hit Grammys standard is because these choices were, in my opinion, a bit too elegant and sophisticated for a music awards show (where typically more racy, bold, and “out there” styles come out to play). For an English awards show, though? They were perfect. 


  • Azzaro Spring 2019 Couture
    A take on Taylor’s surprise long black gown at the Golden Globes that borrows some buttoned up vibes from a men’s suit. The allover sparkle is very much up Taylor’s alley, but the deep plunge and buttons accentuating the leg slit bring it into very mature, sultry territory. 
  • Christian Siriano Spring 2019
    I would fall off the face of the planet if Tay wore this palest of pale lemony hues. That off-shoulder detail and elegant column gown silhouette? Kill me. I also deeply covet Look 65 from the collection but would Tay ever wear? Unlikely. Maybe Zendaya, though.
  • Ralph & Russo Spring 2019 Couture
    Yes. Another R&R pick. And yes I put it in the same spot as I did for the Grammys prediction. There were so many from this collection that I had a very hard time narrowing it down. I would have had this pegged for a future ACMs moment if Taylor ever returned to that awards show. Capes continue to still have a very big moment on the red carpet (they’re a surefire way to bring drama and sophistication). And what better way to debut one than in this heavenly mint colour that would look divine on Tay. 
  • Stephane Rolland Spring 2019 Couture
    A beautiful blush moment. More tame, in my opinion, than my other selects. But beautiful nonetheless. If Taylor ever decided to become a Dior girl I could very much see her easily becoming a brand ambassador for them and fitting in very nicely with their nude/blush tulle gowns. 

Honourable Mentions:

  • Ralph Lauren Fall 2018
    Moody, but so beautiful. I love the panels of deep velvets here. Given that if Tay attended the BAFTAs she would likely be looking to lay low and play more of a supporting role than anything, a quietly beautiful look like this would be very event (and not to mention seasonal) appropriate. 

What do you think of my picks? Do you have a fave or any other personal fantasies? 

Friendly Editor’s Reminder: Regardless of Taylor’s attendance to the Grammys or BAFTAs — predictions posts are meant to spark a fun dream discussion and conversation about Tay and faSHUN. Playing along, even in the face of sadness at her likely absence from any awards show, is always appreciated.

– Sarah


The number one thing I get asked in-between eras is my thoughts on the era that is to come. I’ve answered it over the last few months on the questions blog, I’ve dedicated a Frequently Asked Friday entirely to questions based on my thoughts for Taylor’s upcoming album. But you guys are still curious! So here I’ve compiled a post that I hope addresses every aspect from aesthetic to content that I think/hope the next era entails. With the exception of tour, which I’ll address post-album release. 

I hope you like it, enjoy it, and of course provide your own thoughts and ideas. Particularly if you think there’s something missing I haven’t addressed. 

Either way, I’ll be delighted to be proven right or wrong whenever it is we get to enjoy this next album and to hear your thoughts as well. 

Note: As I’ve chatted with all of you about the kinds of content you’d like to see during an outfit drought, today’s posting is just the first of a dozen TSS 13 Series posts. Published, of course, on the 13th of each month. Requests for a TSS 13 Series is open, as always, on @taylorswiftstylequestions but I have a few things already in mind I hope you’ll all love. 

– Sarah

Release: Summer (August) or Winter (December) 2019. Single release in April or September 2019.

Promo: Full court press. Radio, photoshoots, television appearances, awards shows. Girlfriend is back.

Music: A trip back to her roots as she completes 30 turns around the sun. Acoustic-tinged, chronological storytelling within a song, folk elements made pop and fresh. Think psychedelic appearances of synthesizers in and amongst 12-string guitars à la Kacey Musgraves’ “Oh What A World”.

Lyrics: Life, love, her longest romantic relationship to date, the fickleness of friends and journalists crawling back when the tides of fame turn. The state of her career. Introspection as she gets older. A look back and a look forward. Her physical and mental journey over the course of her career. From country to country-pop to full pop. From Philly to Nashville to New York to … London?

Fashion: 70s trends are everywhere right now. She’s done country girl, country girl in heels, fairy princess, preppy, Audrey Hepburn 50s prim, uber feminine FROW girl, distressed urban chic. Colour palettes ranging from burnt terracottas to pastels to maximalist super saturated patchwork colours. The colours of a dying sunset and the earth. Coming back to ground and nature. A representation of her coming back to “roots” — but making it Taylor and for 2019. Loose, flowing dresses. Woven belts. Well-travelled city cowgirl. Fringe, but tempered with metallic heels. Suede, paired with OTK boots. High waisted denim, boldly patterned and colourful sweaters. Tweed, crochet, oversized aviator sunnies. Goodbye Wayfarers and cat-eyes.

Brands: Chloé, Carolina Herrera, Alberta Ferretti, Coach, Alice + Olivia.  

Beauty: Glowing. Minimal eyeliner. No more cat eye flick (except on stage). All about fluffy lashes, strobe highlight, gorgeous flushing blush.

Hair: Long, textured. Fluffy curtain Brigitte Bardot-esque bangs. Strawberry blonde, soft ginger.